Religion, Philosophy & Ethics

Religion Philosophy & Ethics aims to inspire and encourage a greater awareness of different beliefs and attitudes across many faiths as well as exploring secular views in the modern world. We explore philosophical questions on the existence of God and how this encourages equality as well as how faith can influence action and in turn affect how we treat others. We teach the Holocaust which looks at the meaning of how to be a citizen in a diverse, modern world. Ultimately focusing on the role of the individual within society and how we can all live ethically.


Key Stage 3

Students study topics covering a range of philosophical, ethical and religious views, while also exploring secular views and how they compare to religious attitudes. We will aim to analyse and evaluate the purpose of religion and what impact it has in the modern world and on people’s lives. As well as cover philosophical questions about our existence and the purpose of life. Topics include:

Year 7

  • What can we know about God?
  • How religion encourages obedience to God.
  • How faith can encourage equality.

Year 8

  • How faith influences action.
  • How should criminals be treated?
  • Does God exist?

Year 9

  • The Holocaust
  • Is there life after death?
  • How can we live ethically?

Key Stage 4

In AQA GCSE Religious Studies we explore four themes in year ten and Christian and Muslim views towards them as well as non-religious views as well. This allows students to explore a broad range of religious and secular views on crime, types of punishment, conflict, role of the family, relationships, and issues such as abortion and euthanasia.

In year eleven students focus on Christian and Muslim beliefs and practices which focuses on their core beliefs and how they practice their faith. Topics studied are:

Year 10

  • Religion, Peace and Conflict
  • Religion, Crime and Punishment
  • Relationship and Families
  • Religion and Life

Year 11

  • Christian Beliefs and Practices
  • Muslim Beliefs and Practices

Extra Curricular Activities

Revision sessions are run to support students for their final GCSE exams and all revision materials including past papers are supplied to support them with assessments and exams.

Key Stage 5

Details of the Key stage 5 curriculum in Religious Studies subject can be found on the Oakes college website by clicking here.


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