Our pastoral support system is based around vertical tutor groups that have a tutor and a mentor attached to them. The tutor groups are split into 4 houses: Davies, Franklin, Hobbs, and Soyinka. A school achievement leader (SAL) ensures consistency within each house. There is also a member of SLT who oversees the tutoring system.

As well as having the tutoring and mentoring system to provide pastoral support, we also have a pastoral team that consists of three non-teaching members of staff who work with students who require additional support. The pastoral team is available throughout the day to support students with any issues that they have.

The Pastoral team is here to help you if you have any issues regarding your school experience. This could include:-

  • If you feel unhappy
  • Uniform problems
  • If you feel unwell
  • If you have an issue in school that you would like to talk to someone about

If you, as a parent, need to speak to a member of the pastoral team please call the school on the main school number (01223 242931) or email the appropriate member of staff, see below. If a student needs to speak to a member of the pastoral team they should visit the Pastoral Office, located in the Soyinka building.

Key Members of the Pastoral Support Team:


Mr. C Woods

Assistant Principal

Pastoral Leadership

Mrs. S White

Pastoral Manager

Mrs. L Benton

Deputy Pastoral Manager

Mrs. Julie Linsey

Pastoral Support Worker


Mrs. Naomi Brown

Pastoral Support Worker

Mrs. Lisa Radburn

Pastoral Support Worker

Miss. L Morrison

School Achievement Leader (Davies)

Mr. D Carlson

School Achievement Leader (Franklin)

Mr. D Polyhronopoulos 

School Achievement Leader (Hobbs)

Mrs. A Kirkham

School Achievement Leader (Soyinka)


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