We place a firm emphasis on the importance of Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance.

We firmly believe that it is our role to prepare our students for the working world, to ensure they have the appropriate skills and to help them make appropriate, informed decisions for each step of their career.

All staff at Netherhall play a role in providing guidance to students, in their capacity as form tutor, subject teacher, Head of House (School Achievement leader) or Senior Leader.  All subject areas and extra-curricular activities help to prepare students in some way for the working world, whether that is through developing communication skills, team-work or problem-solving activities, or meeting local employers (both in school and on visits).

We also dedicate curriculum time to Work Related Learning.  Careers lessons comprise a major part of the PSHE and tutorial programme from Years 7 to 13.  Through these sessions, students learn about different career paths and the local employment scene, gain an understanding of the skills required in the modern work place and reflect on their own personal skills, both in terms of what they currently possess and what they need to develop.

All students in Year 10 go on a work experience placement.  Work experience also forms part of the Year 12 careers programme.

Independent, Impartial Careers Advice

We employ a Careers Guidance Adviser, Laurie Simpson, who meets students both individually and in groups.  Students are generally referred by their form tutor or Head of House (School Achievement Leader), but many students ask for an appointment themselves to discuss and review their future plans and choices.

Tutors and other key members of staff meet with students and parents at key transition points to discuss the options available and implications of the different choices that could be made.  We also host a range of parent information evenings from Years 9 to 13, and keep parents up to date with work related learning news and events via e-mail.

Our CEIAG Programme

Our CEIAG programme has been developed in consideration of the Gatsby Report’s benchmarks, and the CDI (Career Development Institute) Framework for careers, employability and enterprise education 7-19.

Lead for Careers – Mr Dan Carlson (dcarlson@netherhallschool.org – 01223 242931)

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