Ofsted Inspection October 2018

The most recent Ofsted Inspection of The Netherhall School and Oakes College took place in October 2018.  The school was judged as good in all areas.  The key findings of the report are as follows:

  • School leaders, managers and governors have aspirations of excellence for their school and the pupils. They have focused sharply on improving teaching since the school became an academy. As a result, pupils learn well, and are making good progress.
  • Teaching is good because teachers have strong subject knowledge, question well and plan interesting and enjoyable lessons. Teaching is particularly strong in English, mathematics and science.
  • By the end of Year 11, attainment in English and mathematics is above the national average.
  • Pupils who do not speak English acquire language rapidly through the excellent support they receive.
  • The achievement of most pupils who have special educational needs (SEN) and/or disabilities is good. Effective support from additional staff have ensured that these pupils make good progress.
  • The disadvantaged pupils who attend school regularly make good progress in their studies.
  • Recent changes to the curriculum mean that it now serves the needs of pupils well. Careers guidance and the vast array of extra-curricular clubs and activities are particular strengths of the provision.
  • The house system is integral to the school. Mixing older and younger pupils in form groups helps pupils to forge bonds across the year groups. This also benefits pupils’ personal, social and moral development.
  • Pupils are cared for well. Despite the large size of the school, the well-organised approaches to providing care mean that staff know pupils and their needs.
  • Most of the time, pupils’ behaviour is considerate. They work hard and concentrate in lessons.
  • The school is safe and secure. The arrangements for safeguarding pupils work well, and reflect the additional challenges which exist in parts of the school’s locality.



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