The Netherhall Student

High expectations and high standards of good behaviour are essential. We aim for our classes to be stimulating but we also believe they should be ordered and calm. Effective discipline is dependent upon good relationships between staff and students. Trust and mutual respect are very important to us. 


Students respond positively to praise and we are always keen to acknowledge and reward students’ success. Our awards focus on academic achievement, progress, effort and contributions to the community through our focus on PRIDE:

      Personal Excellence,
      Respect and Friendship,
      Determination and Courage

  • Students earn Pride Points
  • Outstanding achievements in subjects and extra curricular activities earn School Colours
  • Regular prize-giving assemblies, an annual Celebration evening for each House to celebrate a wide range of achievement


  • When misbehaviour occurs, we take a firm but fair stance, adopting a restorative approach
  • Referral to the Netherhall Pastoral or Behavioural Teams
  • Persistent or serious misbehaviour will be brought to the attention of the School Achievement Leader
  • Involvement in cases of fixed-term exclusion of Senior Staff
  • Restorative meetings and detentions are usually held after school with parents informed via email

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