This is the year of new beginnings and wonderful opportunities.  The transition from Year 6 to Year 7 is a major part of growing up and a lot of work is done to ensure that it is as smooth as possible for the students; the vast majority of whom will have visited Netherhall in Year 6 for their induction in the summer term.  Many will also have been part of the audience watching the dress rehearsals of our musical productions.

At the start of Year 7 students are placed ina vertical tutor group and in teaching groups that will provide them with the correct learning environment to thrive and make excellent progress.  They will have a form tutor and a form mentor, who will be the contact with home for their time at Netherhall and will have their welfare at heart.

Academically, students will have a wide and balanced curriculum comprising thirteen subjects with a strong emphasis on the core skills.  They will have the opportunity to develop their creative repertoire in well-resourced classrooms for Music, Art, Drama and Technology.

Netherhall sports facilities are the envy of other schools, and students will be encouraged to hone their talents both during their PE lessons and in the many extra-curricular sports clubs, which range from traditional pursuits such as cricket and football to the more recently introduced dodgeball.

Throughout the year there will special events organised to widen students’ knowledge of the world, including a Science Trip, author visit and an Enterprise Day that starts to prepare them for the world of work.

The summer term is a very busy one including an Arts Festival which provides a showcase for students’ artistic, musical and dramatic talents.  Finally, there are several athletics competitions where a large number of our athletes put in very strong performances.

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