Following the transition from primary school to secondary school and the new opportunities both inside and outside the classroom, Year 8 is the time to consolidate what has been achieved so far and plan what new steps to make.

Students will be very aware of their academic progress during Year 7 and teachers will have provided clear guidance on what areas need developing through regular formative feedback and target setting. In Year 8 students will be in different teaching groups depending on their relative performance in each of their academic subjects. All will be in place for them to thrive in their lessons and enjoy learning.

Outside the classroom there are many opportunities for them to develop other skills. Hopefully this will provide them with interests and hobbies that they take into their adult life.

There are several Forums (Student, Arts, Sport) that offer students the opportunity to develop school policy, provide valuable feedback on the running of school and discuss suggestions for improvement.

There is a school production each year and students are involved in all aspects.  A student may love treading the boards and be given a leading role; they may be part of the chorus or have a small part whilst they develop their confidence; or they may like working behind the scenes or helping with the lighting. If they play a musical instrument,  they will be very welcome to join the stage band; this band also performs at musical concerts held throughout the year.

Each year Maths challenges take place when students can pit their wits against other students in the country as well as taking part in team challenges against other schools in Cambridgeshire.

As with other years, there is a comprehensive extra-curricular sports programme running throughout Year 8, both at lunchtime and after school, and there are many teams competing at all levels throughout Cambridge and the county.  Each year the Pride World Cup encourages all students to enter a football team with their friends, each team representing a country to promote equality, which is one of Netherhall’s PRIDE values.

The summer term is a very busy one involving a residential trip to Norfolk where the students have opportunities to develop a wider range of skills through activities such as orienteering, climbing, abseiling and laser tag.  An arts festival provides a showcase for students’ artistic, musical and dramatic talents.  Finally, there are several athletics competitions where a large number of our athletes put in very strong performances.




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