Bright Futures Fund

We are launching our Bright Futures Fund! The aim of the fund is to support students within the Netherhall and Oakes School Community who are in need by providing the students with key materials to assist with their learning.

We would like to ask for your help to support our students towards a brighter future. Using your voluntary contributions, we will be able to support students in need with the following: school equipment, uniform, food packages and support towards school trips.  The funds will also support projects such as new sports equipment in our playground and extended IT suites for the whole school community.

We will provide termly updates of the donations we have received and what the donations have been spent on via the school’s newsletter.

If you would like to contribute to the fund, either as a one off or as a direct debit, please click here.



Guidance for making repeat payments:

There is the facility to make a recurring payment to the Bright Futures Fund. If you select the monthly amount, you would like to pay within Donations you are then given the option to select recurring payments. To set up this recurring payment please start by selecting pay deposit from the instalment list. Please ensure you select this option and not the instalments.


This will then give you three questions to answer YES so that we can take a regular payment. Please answer YES to all three.


This will then take the monthly payment from your card for the year.

If you prefer to make a single donation there is this option within Donations.



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