In English we are fortunate to be able to read a wide range of diverse texts which inspire students to develop a love of literature as well as develop their skills as critical readers and engaging writers. All English groups are taught by English specialists who are passionate about fostering a sense of creativity and enthusiasm for the subject.

Key Stage 3 English

Throughout Years 7 to 9 students explore a diverse range of literary, non-literary and media texts ranging from Shakespeare’s plays and Homer’s retold poems to film clips and graphic novels. Students explore the ways in which writers create effects and convey meanings within their texts and are challenged to extend their own writing styles by considering how to write for different purposes and audiences. Speaking and listening skills are developed through small group and class discussion as well as individual presentations. Our students participate in many creative projects, such as creating their own dramatic and artistic retellings of Ovid’s “Metamorphoses” in Year 7.


Our course is designed so that each year builds on the skills learnt in the previous years and in such a way that prepares students for the skills required to succeed at KS4.


Key Stage 4

All students are entered for two GCSE courses: English Language and English Literature.

Students will also complete a separate Spoken Language qualification. We use the Eduqas specifications.

Throughout our courses students learn to develop sophisticated skills of written expression in a range of styles and for a variety of audiences. They will also hone their reading skills through analysing a range of taught and unseen texts.

For English Literature, all students study a Shakespeare play, a poetry anthology, a 19th Century text, a post-1914 novel or play and a selection of unseen poetry. Individual text choices will vary across classes as we adapt our teaching for each group.

Each GCSE course has two exams at the end of Year 11.


Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5, we offer two different A Level courses: a combined English Language and Literature course and an A Level in English Literature.

A Level English Language and Literature

This course gives students the opportunity to develop as reflective readers and writers, exploring the relationship between language and literature, and developing writing for a range of audiences and purposes.

We study a post-1900 drama text, a play by Shakespeare, a novel, some non-fiction and some poetry.  Students will also develop their creative writing skills in a specific genre of their choice, using wider reading to help improve their writing.

Assessment (Exam Board – Eduqas)
80% examination, 20% non-examined assessment

Extra-curricular activities

Our extra-curricular activities vary each year depending on the needs and interests of our students and teachers. Some of our recent activities include:

Our extra-curricular activities vary each year depending on the needs and interests of our students and teachers. Some of our recent activities include:

  • The annual University of Cambridge School Classics Project and “Metamorphoses” competition in Year 7.
  • Book Club and Carnegie Shadowing Group.
  • Latin Club.
  • The Netherhall Feminist Society
  • Enrichment activities and scavenger hunts on World Book Day.
  • Involvement in the Arts Festival.
  • Theatre trips
  • A KS5 walking tour of Literary London and the British Library
  • Creative writing competitions





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