Success in learning

We are proud of the performance of our students in Mathematics over the years.Our students perform noticeably better than the national average at all grade levels in their Mathematics GCSE.

In 2019 (the last set of whole year exams to take place due to covid restrictions) 100% of our students gained a grade 1 or above, 79% of our students gained a 4 or above in Maths compared to 71.5% in England and 28% gained a grade 7-9 compared to 20% in the rest of England.

KS3 and 4 Mathematics

Our curriculum at KS3 gives students access to problem solving techniques with mastery as a goal. Students learn Mathematics over 4 one hour lessons a week, developing competency in a broad range of areas each year. Short tests after each unit together with longer assessments at the end of 4 half terms give students reliable indicators of progress and ways to improve.

GCSE Maths develops the skills from KS3 and explores topics in Number, Algebra, Shape and Data, providing the functional knowledge required for further studies in Mathematics and for every day life.

GCSE Maths has a Foundation and Higher tier and is graded using the new 1 – 9 grading system.  The students are assessed via three examinations that are all taken at the same tier at the end of year 11.  All three papers are worth 80 marks and are equally weighted.  One paper is calculator and the other two are non-calculator.  The papers consist of a mixture of question styles, from short, single-mark questions to multi-step problems.  The mathematical demand increases as a student progresses through the paper.

Extra curricular:

We regularly enter students at every key stage for maths challenges and give opportunities to pursue Maths outside the classroom.

When we are able to, high performing students are often invited to attend  ‘mathematics masterclasses’ from the Royal Institution in London. For year 9 students we organise a visit to Bletchly park where we see how mathematics in the form of code breaking contributed towards the victory of the Allies in WW2.

Taking Maths Further

We offer additional Mathematical qualifications as options to KS4 students we believe will succeed at them. We have two classes of higher statistics students and 1 class of additional mathematics students that take place after school, working towards these qualifications.


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