All pupils will have opportunities for artistic expression throughout their time in Drama.

The vision of the Drama Department is that every child will have the chance to explore a range of plays, performances styles and practical activities to connect them to the whole school community, the cultural global landscape and to themselves.

Drama provides a broad and balanced education and creates exciting opportunities for individual expression.



Pupils begin Year 7 with a series of lessons designed to teach them the basic principles of Live Theatre and acting skills.

Over this year, using extracts from plays and then short scripts, these skills are developed and shown during in class performances.

As pupils make progress throughout Key Stage 3, they will develop these skills as performers, using more complex and lengthy scripts. The content of the lessons also covers a wide range of Live Theatre skills including Shakespeare, Theatre history, performance evaluation, Media Studies, and script writing to name a few!

Drama gives pupils in all years the opportunity to explore and experiment with creative ideas in a safe and engaging environment.



During GCSE pupils will utilise their develop skills from 3 years of study to create and analyse Live Drama in 3 separate examination components.

The 3 key areas of study are Making, Performing and Evaluation.

In Component 1, Pupils will create a short piece of Drama that explores a key concept or idea, this is performed and reflected on in a written piece of coursework.

In Component 2, Pupils will perform 1 group scene or extract from a published play and will additionally perform a monologue or duologue from the same play.

In Component 3, Pupils will sit a written exam lasting 1 hour 45 minutes – Section A is based on the study of a play, Section B is based on any Live Performance that has been seen.

Details of the GCSE Drama syllabus can be found HERE.

GCSE Drama is a vibrant and engaging course with many possible variations of success – allowing pupils to explore the work of Theatre Makers, but in turn, to create and explore their own work. The staff are specialist teachers with experience in staging and direction.

The GCSE Drama group typically attends several Theatre trips during the year.



Outside of the classroom Drama offers a number of opportunities for pupils who would like to extend their learning or simply take part in a performance activity.

Drama Club runs after school once a week, The Arts Festival enables pupils to stage and perform their own creations, the Shakespeare Festival brings together performers from across the Anglian Trust and finally the annual whole School Musical is the highlight of the year – working in close partnership with Music and Art to create dynamic and exciting performances.

Drama and Music also organise opportunities for pupils to attend a performance in London as an enrichment activity.

The Drama studios are always open at break, lunch time and after school to allow pupils to develop and rehearse their work.



Details of the Key Stage 5 curriculum in Drama and Theatre Studies can be found on the Oakes College website by clicking HERE.




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