Anglian Learning is committed to ensuring the protection and welfare of all members of all its communities. All pupils, staff, trustees, governors and visitors have an equal right to a safe environment in which to learn, teach and visit regardless of age, gender, ability, culture, socioeconomic status, race, language, religion or sexual identity.

This Anglian Leisure Safeguarding Policy is to be used alongside the Anglian Learning Safeguarding Policy.

Clubs / Groups

All instructor or coach-led clubs / groups for under 18’s must provide the following documentation:

  1. Names of instructors / coaches attending each day
  2. Name and contact details for each of their appointed DSLs
  3. Letter of assurance on headed paper to confirm that all staff / volunteers coming on to site have followed their safeguarding procedures / training and that they have received the following documentation from their staff / volunteers: a. Disclosure and Barring Service Check b. Checks against barring lists c. Certificate of Good Conduct (where applicable) d. Medical clearance (where available / applicable) e. Three verifications of identity (where available / applicable) f. Two satisfactory references (where available / applicable)
  4. Booking form
  5. Insurance
  6. Risk assessment

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In the event that the paperwork above has not been provided, Anglian Leisure staff must inform the club / group that access will not be granted until it has been provided.

Clubs / groups should be advised to display who the coaches are on a large noticeboard together with the name of the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) for the club.

All clubs / groups must be made aware that children must not be permitted to wander around the site unaccompanied, either to get water from the water fountain or to attend the toilets; it is the club / group’s responsibility to manage this process. With respect to the toilets, it is important that toilets are allocated for specific clubs / groups and each club / group manages access to these toilets appropriately for children given the possibility of other users. All clubs / groups using changing facilities must ensure the safeguarding of children at all times in these areas.

Booking forms and documentation must be shared with Central HR so that bookees can be added to the Single Central Record (SCR).

Anglian Leisure Designated Safeguarding Lead

  • Michelle Wilson – General Manager, Anglian Leisure
  • Adam Wilson – Sports Centre Manager – Sawston and Joyce Frankland
  • Fleur Harrower – Sports Centre Assistant Manager – Sawston
  • Harry Bubb – Sports Centre Manager – Bottisham
  • Jennifer Jamieson – Sports Centre Assistant Manager – Bottisham
  • Laurence Miceli – Sports Centre Manager – Netherhall
  • Toby Peters – Sports Centre Assistant Manager – Linton
  • Oliver Hubbard – Sports Centre Duty Manager – Joyce Frankland

Fire evacuation

Clear fire procedure posters must be displayed in all areas. For those centres where clubs / groups are responsible for the evacuation of their individual club / group they must be trained in procedures.


Lanyards and ID cards play a key role in keeping members of our communities safe. Anglian Leisure’s use of lanyards and ID cards allows the observer to ascertain swiftly, at a glance, whether an individual on site is a checked member of the Anglian Learning or Leisure community. The wearing of the lanyard and ID card is compulsory and must be worn at all times whilst on school premises. The lanyard should be worn around the neck, on the front of the body and on the outermost piece of clothing, ensuring that Health and Safety precautions are also considered. The ID must be visible and not covered. The purple lanyards are for Anglian Leisure staff or those Anglian Learning staff who are on the Trust-wide SCR. The yellow lanyards are for visitors on-site who are approved to run a session and have the relevant safeguarding checks in place on the SCR via a letter of assurance. This includes instructors who are not staff and group leaders for block bookings if they are onsite running a session and have completed all of the required checks. Centres must keep records to track the issuing of yellow lanyards which should be numbered and logged. Visitors must sign in to be issued with a lanyard and sign out and return the lanyard at the end of a session. A drop box will be provided at the Sports Centre Reception for ease of returning the lanyards. Clubs / groups will be issued with a letter advising that lanyards must be returned within a maximum of 24 hours or a charge will be made.

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