James Cutting created the Football Fun Factory in 2017 and was joined by Jonny Martin two years later.

Having previously worked together within a professional football club, their experiences opened the eyes of James and Jonny to the stark reality that when so few children ‘make it’ in professional football, really the focus should be on fun!

The pair are on a mission to put the Football Fun Factory on the doorstep of the children across the United Kingdom, creating fun football opportunities for everyone.

We believe that when 0.012% of all children that play football go on to become a Premier League professional, then the focus should not be simply on development or progression… we should be focussing on having FUN!

Our ethos is all about creating an incredible environment where children can express themselves, play, make friends and have fun.

Contact us directly at dave@thefootballfunfactory.co.uk

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